Upcoming Events

Small list of upcoming Jiu Jitsu events, this will be updated as events are announced! Message or contact me if you see one that I should be attending. Can't wait to see you out there. Ready to book? Just click here!

Tournament Dates

Quick list of tournaments I'll be at upcoming! If you don't see a tournament on the list, it doesn't mean I won't be there! I highlight the major ones people are interested in at the time!

If you're interested in booking please fill this out and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

June, 27th-29th

/ American Nationals

July, 24th-26th*

/ Orlando Open

July, 26th-28th

/ Pan Kids

August, 29th-31st

/ Jiu Jitsu Con

September, 21st-22nd

/ Portland Open

November, 1st-3rd

/ Pan No-gi